Whisky Supper Soiree at Cow Marlowe

Apr 23 2019

On Tuesday, April 23rd, The Supper Club hosted San Francisco members to an unforgettable whisky supper soiree at the brand new Cow Hollow/Marina hotspot eatery, Cow Marlowe.

Upon arrival, guests gathered inside the punily named restaurant's private dining room to discover curated cocktails by none other than Glenfiddich. As the night kicked off and the sun began to set over the city, guests mix and mingled with 'From Scotland With Love’ and ’Niners cocktails in hand, toasting to a beautiful golden hour on this perfect spring evening. As a warm breeze filled the air and flickering candles accompanied by jeweled ranunculus bouquets dressed the dining tables, guests indulged in a multi course family style supper, paired to perfection with Glenfiddich 12, 14 and 15 year expressions.