Maestro Dobel Legacy Series Art Basel Miami Beach Dinner Party at Casa Tua

Dec 06 2019

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, The Supper Club joined forces once again with Maestro Dobel Tequila, to host a spectacular Legacy Series Dinner at Casa Tua, honoring Mexican Artist, Sabino Guisu.

The excitement built as the Great Bowery team and Arturo Mizrahi – the Director of the Maia Contemporary - transformed the beautiful, intimate space at Casa Tua with Guisu’s work. Not to mention the unique floral arrangements and still life of Julia Rosa, evoking the spirit of Mexico.

The sun set, the candles were lit, Maestro Dobel Tequila started to flow, and a miscellany of well dressed, art loving individuals swarmed in, to celebrate once again Mexican entrepreneurship through the lens of Art and Design.

Risotto, tuna tartare, salmon crostini and mini piadina with prosciutto and burrata circulated with the classic Black Diamond Margarita and the custom cocktail of the hour: Zapotec Roots with Maestro Dobel Humito Tequila.

Guests sat down to burrata with black truffle, offset by Miky’s Salad, Arugula, Fave, Watercress and Pecorino, Scotland Salmon Carpaccio with passion fruit citronette and fennel salad. Two more substantial courses followed, Mezzo Pacchero, Bolognese, then Branzino with grilled asparagus and cherry tomatoes, or Prime Cut Fiorentina with roasted potatoes. All topped off with a selection of desserts: Creme Brulee, Nocciola, and Homemade Gelato. But the star was the Espresso Martini: Maestro Dobel Añejo, Café Borghetti Liquor, Espresso, Garniture coffee bean. A necessary boost to enable guests to enjoy the nightlife of Art Basel Miami.

Descendant of a family linked to the tradition of art and pottery, the Artist Guisu - which in Zapoteco means Potter - is known for the use of smoke in his pieces, resulting in layers that shine through, glimpsing portraits, scenes, landscapes. An exhibition of these works could be seen in the restaurant, in sympatico with Maestro Dobel Humito – a smoked silver tequila.

The organic materials of his art complimented the textures and hues of Casa Tua, and the spirituality of his work was palpable and enhanced by the soothing environment.

Guests received a limited-edition artwork to take a little of that sentiment home with them, as a rich reminder of Art Basel 2019. The work juxtaposes the mushroom and the orouboros, the snake that eats his own tail, both important ancient Zapotec symbols representing the infinite cycle of death and rebirth.

Guisu will be showing at the Maia Contemporary in New Mexico in Feb 2020.

Thank you Maestro Dobel for another wonderful evening of culinary and cultural enrichment.

Photography Credit: SPF Studios