An Indian Brunch Affair at ROOH

Mar 09 2019

On Saturday, March 9th, The Supper Club hosted San Francisco members to its inaugural SF brunch at SoMa hotspot eatery, ROOH.

Upon arrival, guests pushed through the glass doors, immediately in awe of the bejeweled space and mouthwatering wafts of Indian spice aromas that filled the air of the lively and vibrant eatery. The festivities kicked off with crisp glasses of AIX rosé and delicious Maestro DOBEL Tequila and Hangar One Vodka cocktails, perfectly complimented by beautiful live piano. Guest began to take their seat to discover multi course dishes of pure culinary artistry as stories and laughs were shared around the table. This was the making of a quintessential Saturday brunch with old and new friends--- and with just the right amount of spice!