A Journey to Myanmar: A Supper Party at Burma Club

Mar 12 2020

On a beautiful, warm evening in March, San Francisco members pushed past the tall glass entrance doors of Burma Club, a bucket list must for those on the quest for a culinary dining experience. Upon arrival, members were ushered up the grand staircase, leading up to a private dining room adorned with plush jewel toned seating, exotic floral arrangements and flickering candles that softly illuminated the room.

As upbeat, trending tunes filled the air, show stopping Hangar One cocktails and perfectly chilled glasses of Three Sticks 2018 Casteñada White Blend made their way to guests, accompanied by delectable amuse bouches featuring delicacies made of rare Burmese tea leaves. After indulging in a few libations such as the refreshing and light ‘Ruby Princess’ with Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Citron Vodka and the bolder ‘Road to Mandalay’ featuring Hangar One Straight Vodka, members began taking their seats for a unforgettable multi-course supper that would soon whisk their tastebuds away to the Golden Land.

As the executive chef put the finishing touches on each dish, Mona Garcia from Three Sticks Wines, welcomed the crowd, walking them through each exquisite wine pairing they would discover during supper. Guests savored the first few sips of the 2018 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Chardonnay and 2017 Sonoma Mountain One Sky Chardonnay, side by side, as the restaurant’s award-winning Tea Leaf Salad made its way to each setting, followed by handmade buttery platha bread with a side of coconut chicken curry dipping sauce. To pair elegantly with the main dishes, members discovered the 2018 Price Family Estates Pinot Noir and 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. With bright hues and stunning texture, a bowl of Shan Noodles from the Shan State of Burma was the perfect opening dish, followed by the Pork Belly with Ginger & Chili served with a warm bowl of steamed coconut rice. As the room filled with laughter and irresistible aromas, the final course of the evening was presented; a sumptuous Burmese Jewel Pudding, adorned with edible gold dragon fruit jelly, sweet jackfruit and pistachios. Guests revisited the 2018 Castañeda White Blend, ending the evening on the perfect flavor note, leaving us all yearning for a trip to beautiful Burma.