A Garden Supper Soirèe

Sep 19 2019

A fun and fresh gathering of members commenced in the garden at Hotel Saint Cecilia. Created in honor of the patron saint of music and poetry, the Saint Cecilia takes inspiration from the great era of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when a revolution of rock and roll and beat poetry overran the hallowed halls of established convention.

Ladies and gentlemen were greeted with the welcoming live jazz tunes from the Swing Five Twelve band and refreshingly colorful cocktails. Both the Maestro Dobel Red Diamond Gimlet and the Boodles Berry & Basil Collins were a huge hit, to kick off the evening as the sun set in the garden.

Upon entering the lounge, Copain wines were served as the chef individually shucked oysters and dressed them with champagne mignonette and chili herb infused oil. As guests made their way to sit for a dinner set under the stars, Contigo Catering served an impressive chateaubriand with fava bean pesto, breakfast radish, and roasted fingerlings, all sourced locally! For dessert, a light vanilla bean pavlova paired perfectly with a classic Tin Cup Old Fashioned.

As the evening came to a close, in true Hotel Saint Cecilia fashion, guests toasted to the end of summer under the perfect Austin starry night, paying tribute to the great creative legacy of our revolutionary idols and to the spirit of the artist that lies within us all.