• DATE Tuesday, Apr 13th
    TIME 18:30
    ADDRESS To be announced
    CITY New York

  • Secret New York Supper

    Supper Clubbers, a secret supper at one of New York's hottest parlors awaits!

    Entirely theirs for the evening, guests will step into this famed equestrian-themed midtown hotspot for an unforgettable soirée with fellow Supper Clubbers. As classic beats softly fill their air, handcrafted Maestro Dobel Tequila cocktails will dance their way around the restaurant, followed by a decadent multi course supper awaiting on tables dripped in warm candlelight and exquisite florals.

    The location? That for us to know and for you to soon find out!

    Ladies and gents, get your cocktail attires ready for a superb evening out on the town in true Supper Club style.


    Members, please note that this affair will be held indoors and that the entire restaurant will be privatized for us.

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