• DATE Wednesday, Oct 16th
    TIME 18:30
    ADDRESS 993 Mission St
    CITY San Francisco
  • Winemaker Supper at The Pawn Shop

    Ring...Ring! The Pawn Master is on the line.
    It's for you...

    The Supper Club is thrilled to invite members to join us for a spectacular wine supper soiree at The Pawn Shop! Guests will meet at a special storefront for some playful banter and barter with a Pawn Master. Once deals have been made, we are traveling back in time to somewhere...warmer...But where, you may ask? That’s for us to know and for you to find out. (No passports required for this trip.)

    Once you’ve landed in this a one-of-a-kind deco haven, a lively wine reception will greet you. After some mixing and mingling, it’s time to pull up a stool at the dinner table and prepare your tastebuds for a one-of-a-kind family-style Spanish tapas feast curated by culinary wizard, Nick Ronan and teamed up to perfection with delectable wines. Get ready for a festive evening of gastronomic indulgence, packed with glamour and hint of heat.

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