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How to Pick the Perfect Venue

The Supper Club

Planning any event, whether it is small or large, can be stressful, but not for The Supper Club.

As you know, we take painstaking measures to ensure the guest list is just right, to come up with a theme, hire entertainment - and delight you with the greatest libations on the planet. But the real secret is our starting point – finding that perfect venue. That place, that once you have entered it, just makes you go: “ahhhhhh….”

To find your perfect venue for any event requires a lot of thought, and plenty of research. From ensuring a space that fits your needs to ensuring the venue fits the theme/tone of the evening, your venue selection WILL determine the success of the evening. And your reputation is not something we take lightly! So take heed of the coming tried and true tips from your hostesses.

1. Hospitality

Whether its a private home, speakeasy, Michelin-starred restaurant or any number of other boîtes in between, its important that you find a venue that is excited to host you.

Selecting a venue that is easy to work with, professional in meeting your needs, and above all, excited for your party, makes all the difference in the planning process, the execution of the event, and the enjoyment of the event for you and your guests.

If your venue of choice is only going to give you the bare minimum, then keep hunting! There’s plenty of other fish in the sea - literally hundreds of other venues out there that would be more than happy to host you.

2. Ambience:

The venue of an event is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at the event, therefore it needs to set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere. Setting the tone properly can go a long way and set the mood for the rest of the evening. For example, if your event is elegant and very high-end, then it is important to not choose a dive bar (not that we at Supper Club are ever in such danger).

And here is a fun extra – note how many people are going to attend when thinking of ambience. Venue size and capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a venue, and has a massive impact on ambience, too.

3. Know Your Theme:

The first stage should be to brain storm a list of ideas of what you want to celebrate at this event. Additionally, know your format. A cocktail reception is not a dinner, and a luncheon is not the same as a costume party.

For accuracy - check the calendar – is there a holiday, fair or other occasion to celebrate? Doing this you will then be able to decide what you can do at this event- and ensure that you select just the right boite.

4. Do Your Research:

We scout CONSTANTLY. We follow any lead, any Instagram sensation, and the news from our partners to make sure we always hit the restaurant or venue that is new or next.

It is also worth noting that we scout venues months in advance. With any event it is crucial to leave a lot of planning time, as it is very rare for an event to be a success if has been rushed and left to the last minute.

5. Mind the Logistics:

This means finding out the parking situation, whether there is catering or a kitchen and bar on site, and every other aspect of the event you need to take charge of. During any type of event, some type of food or beverage is expected – so always find out if the venue provides food or drink facilities. If the venues do not, then be sure to ask them if they know of any catering companies which you could use.

Overall, it can be challenging to find your perfect venue for events, but by using these guidelines, your planning will ensure a hit. And if you are still in doubt – call your hostesses. We are happy to help, and hope you have a fabulous event!