About Us

More than a members-only society, The Supper Club is a restaurant without walls, an old-school social network of talented, interesting, and like-minded individuals coming together for exclusive, salon-style soirees in alluring locales across the globe. Reviving the traditional ways of entertaining in a fresh and unconventional manner, founder Tamsin Lonsdale hosts up to eight private happenings each month bringing together formidable guests at the hottest restaurants, most gorgeous residences, and unique and surprising spaces. With high style, a discerning palate, and a unique sense of whimsy, The Supper Club is now serving London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Meet the team
  • Tamsin Lonsdale


    Tamsin has had a lifetime of socializing and networking to hone her craft. As the daughter of fashion guru Tony Lonsdale and model Chekkie Maskell, Tamsin has over the past decade become a renowned society hostess and party queen in her own right.

    The Supper Club was born after Tamsin graduated from Edinburgh University’s business program and began traveling between London, New York, and LA as an in-demand fashion stylist. She soon noticed a recurring trend among the many talented, upscale men and women she met and worked with: they needed a way to consistently meet and connect with interesting, like-minded people. As her “little black book” grew, Tamsin started hosting dinner parties, which resulted in new friendships, romances, and successful industry projects.

    Now active in four major cities, Tamsin Lonsdale has fashioned a modern winning formula with the timeless tradition of marrying exclusive society with social salons.

  • Keren Eldad


    Keren leads the membership and sponsor sales for this buzzing Supper Club Market. A strategic Marketing leader, Keren is hyper-connected, and as bubbly as a glass of champagne. An Ambassador's daughter, she speaks English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, and has inherited her parents' old school sensibilities and passion for salon entertaining.

    Driven by innovation and connection, Keren has directed marketing and sales for luxury clients and luxury-focused publications including IWC Schaffhausen, DELTA, Surface Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times, as well as fashion clients from Louis Vuitton to Prada. Combining the above, Keren is focused on serving brands and our influential guests alike - with an experience they won't forget each time.

  • Matt Krawczyk


    The youngest member of The Supper Club team, Matt was raised an expat in Singapore and Hong Kong before returning to the United States to attend UCLA, along the way picking up Chinese, a penchant for entertainment, and a touch of Southern Hospitality from his Mississippi-raised parents. A student of English Literature, Matt honed his creative drive before taking up an internship with The Supper Club, ultimately sticking around to join the team full-time.

    Now a seasoned Supper Club event planner, Matt utilizes his skills and experience to put on flawless productions for our fabulous members and our partners.

  • Nicole Muyingo


    Nicole Muyingo, a London-native, currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Throughout her career, Nicole has successfully curated and independently produced events ranging from non-profit fundraisers, art exhibitions, product launches, dinner parties, private shows, fashion events and much more. Along the way, she has been awarded the Los Angeles Certificate of Appreciation by Councilman Mike Bonin on behalf of the City of Los Angeles, in addition to a Certificate of Appreciation from The Venice Chamber of Commerce, awarded for her role as Vice President of Venice-based art non-profit The Venice Art Crawl.

    With an extensive knowledge of all levels of pre- and post-production and marketing, entrepreneurial and new business skills through working with multiple start-ups, and a broad understanding of PR, product development, and the operation of all social media platforms, in addition to her charm and networking abilities, Nicole uses her experience and pizazz to introduce prospective members to the world of The Supper Club, and is a vital asset to both our production team and our large member base.

  • Tina Kobas


    Born in Australia, the dynamic Tina Kobas’ multi-cultural roots inspired her love of travel, film, theatre, fashion and people. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York, her bohemian designs have graced the pages of Flaunt, Elle and Instyle magazine and her work as a producer and actress has created incredible artistic collaborations locally and abroad. A multi-skilled travelling gypsy, Tina’s warm personality and innovative mind is the brainchild behind many a private party and event for such big hitters as Microsoft, Calvin Klein, Vogue, GQ, Yahoo, Proenza Shouler and BCBG Max Azria to name a few.

    She loves nothing more than combining her many worlds to connect fabulous people from all walks of life and is thrilled to be part of the Supper Club Team.