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JULY 2015

Global: Passport Series Dinner at Amante, Ibiza

Friday, Jul 03 2015
(Amante Beach Club)

The Supper Club is proud to announce a special treat for our intrepid travelers going on Passport Series trip to Ibiza: a mouthwatering dinner at Amante! Sandwiched between lush green cliffs and the inspiring Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful restaurant will play host to an equally beautiful Supper Club soiree. After a magical Belvedere cocktail reception, guests will enjoy a Mediterranean dinner sourced from only the freshest local produce. As if you needed any more reasons to come to Ibiza.

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JULY 2015

NY: Off the Beaten Track Dinner

Tuesday, Jul 21 2015
(Private Location)

Join us at a secret location for an exclusive Supper Club speakeasy soiree. Without spoiling any surprises, guests can expect incredible food, immaculate cocktail creations, live entertainment and a veritably stylish evening with all manner of twists and turns. Miss it and miss out.

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Tea Room

Nov 12 2009 The Supper Club Event Slideshow

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A slideshow of past events.

Jul 27 2009 The Supper Club's 1st Birthday hosted with Plymouth Gin

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The Supper Club's 1st Birthday hosted with Plymouth Gin


LES Dinner at Schapiro's

Posted Jun 24 2015

The Supper Club gathered at Schapiro’s for a delicious dinner party honoring the history and tradition of the Lower East Side. After an incredible cocktail reception featuring selections from our friends at Pasternak Wine Imports and handcrafted Cana Brava Rum and Tequila Cabeza cocktails, members settled in for a convivial seated dinner. Locally sourced ingredients highlighting the culinary heritage of the neighborhood were the flavor of the night, with dishes that included a warm Artichoke Salad and Schapiro’s famous Potato Dumplings. Guests reveled in the authentic Lower East Side cuisine—alongside a winning combination of wine and cocktails —as the good times carried on late into the evening!

Summer Solstice Celebrations

Posted Jun 23 2015

The Supper Club hosted a lively Summer Solstice Party at a gorgeous private home in Bel Air, the former home of Quincy Jones. Arriving early to enjoy the sunset on the longest day of the year, guests were greeted by summer-seasonal bites, fine wines from Villa Maria, and delicious Cointreau Rickey’s. Those more adventurous members got to play mixologist for the night and make their own cocktail from scratch with a selection of fresh fruits and herbs at the Cointreau Rickey DIY Bar!

On a sweeter note, guests munched on tasty Cointreau-infused cupcakes and gourmet ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus. High-energy performances from a dancer, saxophonist, live DJ, and a fabulous electric violinist provided the perfect backdrop for some summertime fun. An exciting night ensued with several extra savvy guests finding their way into the pool as the good times and conversation carried on late into the night — a perfect start to an unforgettable summer with The Supper Club!

Secret Garden Party

Posted Jun 17 2015

The Supper Club teamed up with our long-time pals Julia Rosa and Charles Webb for a fun and intimate Secret Garden Party! Members and guests made their way through boutique-shopping paradise Darling to the hidden garden at the back, where the lively mise en scène was set to perfection by the miraculous floral work of the fabulous Julia Rosa. An exciting evening ensued as guests munched on mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres from culinary powerhouse Charles Webb, sipped on decadent Rock Angel Rosé from the lovely Château D’Esclans, enjoyed bespoke Bulldog Gin cocktails, whilst swaying to upbeat tunes from electric violin extraordinaire Rebecca Cherry.

The Supper Club Player's Party

Posted Jun 09 2015

The Supper Club teamed up with British Polo Day to host the official pre-party of British Polo Day USA Match 2015: The Supper Club Players’ Party! Select guests gathered at a stunning private home on the Bird Streets of the Hollywood Hills for an enchanting dinner, featuring a group sensorial meditation by Marcos Lutyens and the theme of time. A menu based around the seasons was created by Chef Jeffrey Nimer of Haute Chefs LA paired with a immaculate and rare selection of whiskies from Royal Salute.

As the sun set over an unparalleled view of Los Angeles and the dinner wound to a close, guests enjoyed decadent desserts and an exclusive tasting of Royal Salute’s Eternal Reserve. With full bellies and happy hearts, guests kept the night alive with an energetic after-party, filled with passed hors d’oeuvres, Royal Salute whisky, cocktails, eclectic beats from DJ Tendaji, and a unique dance performance immersed in the party itself! A sophisticated crowd of Supper Club and British Polo Day gourmands, internationally acclaimed polo players, and even some royal guests reveled in this night of elegant consumption, lively banter, and dancing as the fun carried on late into the night!

Speakeasy Golf Party

Posted May 22 2015

The Supper Club hosted a lively and stylish Speakeasy Golf Party at Golfstream HQ! Members gathered in a hidden downtown warehouse for an exclusive sneak peek of Golfstream’s innovative indoor golf simulator. In between some exciting putting games and friendly competition on the digital golf course, members enjoyed a mouthwatering buffet of cuisine à la renowned chef and culinary prodigy Jordan Kahn.

An impeccable selection of fine wines provided by Pasternak Wine Imports offered guests the opportunity to partake in a guided tasting with Master Sommelier Christopher Miller. In the mixology arena, our good friends at Loft & Bear showed up in full force to handcraft some delicious cocktails from an all-star lineup of spirits and mixers, including Disaronno, Owl’s Brew tea, and Fever-Tree tonic water. With such an uncanny combination of food, drink, and entertainment, this was truly an unforgettable evening.